Claremont Hotel Club & Spa Club Retail

Retail at The Club

Club Member Preferred Pricing program provides for 10% savings on an all Claremont retail purchases. Enjoy the savings at the Hotel, Spa and Salon gift shop items and Club retail products. The Club provides a variety of products from the best in nutritional choices, yoga mats and foam rollers, swim caps and goggles to Club logo wear.

Yoga: Mats, foam rollers, and bamboo blocks 

Fitness and Strength Training: Physio balls, stretch bands, heart rate monitors, resistant cables, and speed ropes 

Therapeutic and support aids: Thera Cane, Strassburg sock, KT Tape, and Thumper Massager 

Nutrition: Hammer Gels, Recoverite and Perpetuem, The Ultimate Meal, NUUN and nutritional food bars 

Swim, Tennis & Logo'd items: Caps and goggles, tennis balls and stringing, Logo'd towels, hats, visors and bottles 



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