Fairmont Fit

Strong body. Clear mind. Full Spirit.

Many paths to wellness. One Fairmont Fit.

Fairmont Fit offers a host of paths to fulfill your quest for personal well-being—from heart-racing workout routines to heartfelt moments of peace.

With us, you’ll find inspiring ways to move, serene natural connections, immersive spa experiences, and unforgettable cultural traditions—a whole world of well-being, curated with care by our dedicated colleagues.

It begins with a reboot of our celebrated gear-lending program, lush urban green spaces, and a newly introduced plastic-free sustainable water policy.

And the story will expand, at each Fairmont destination, into a wealth of local experiences. All to strengthen your body, clear your mind, and fulfill your spirit.

Fit Gear

Stay strong, and pack light. Fit Gear delivers premium gear—fresh and ready to move—directly to your room.


Immersive spa experiences, from ancient traditional practices to the foremost in modern techniques. All deeply rooted in the natural elements.

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Pure Local Cuisine

Fairmont Fit prepares inspired culinary journeys that connect you to the local landscape—and to the moment—in very good taste.

Green Spaces

We help you connect to the healing—and often flavorful—power of nature, whether deep in the mountains or at the heart of the world’s bustling cities.

Pure & Plastic-Free Water

The foundation of health and life in its purest form—with a view to a sustainable future as Fairmont introduces a new plastic-free water policy.

Destination Connections

From personalized well-being journeys to local movement culture, Fairmont Fit delivers meaningful destination contact—wherever you are.