Canada is famed for its awesome scenery: glistening lakes, snow-capped mountains, and national parks full of waterfalls and wildlife.

Beyond the beauty, you'll find a more playful side to the country that's every bit as captivating. Canadian culture is characterized by quirky cuisine, quaint traditions, and some of the politest people you could ever hope to meet.

Below, we've illustrated 10 fun facts about Canada that get to the heart of why this country is so great.

1. Canada ships a LOT of maple syrup to the US.
2. Watch out for polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba.
3. Canadians go mad for mac and cheese.
4. The Yukon can be as cold as Mars!
5. Alberta is well prepared for the arrival of UFOs.
6. This might be the friendliest 'war' ever.
7. Some people are convinced there's a monster living in a lake in British Columbia.
8. There's a $1 million coin that's the same size as a motorcycle tire.
9. Remember: politeness costs nothing in Canada.
10. Skiers and snowboarders should take note of this awesome run.
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