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Local Tips


Full country name: Kingdom of Morocco

Capital: Rabat

Time: GMT

Area: 446,550 Sq Km

Population: 34,9 Million (UN estimate 2017) of which 70% are under 30 years old.
Language: The official language is Moroccan Arabic (darija), it is considerably different from the Arabic spoken in the Middle East. Various Berber dialects are widely spoken in the countryside and particularly in the mountains. French is widely spoken throughout the country, except in the northern regions where Spanish is more predominant. English is also understood, particularly in major tourist destinations like Marrakech

Government: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of state: King Mohammed VI

Currency: Moroccan Dirham. 1 MAD is approximately 0,10 Euro
It is a restricted currency which means that it cannot be taken out of the country and is not available abroad. It is possible to buy and sell Dirham outside of Morocco but there is an import and export limit of 1000DH. Pound Sterling, US Dollars and Euros can be exchanged in Morocco at various Currecny Exchange Offices in major cities and towns, and most banks have ATMs. 

Traveller's Cheques are not recommended as they're often difficult to exchange and incur high fees.

Credit Cards: Most hotels and most reputable shops will accept major credit cards.  Even when shopping in markets, some credit cards will be accepted.  However beware, some souk shops may try to load another 3-5% on the price of the article when they see a credit card (Commission on payment by CC) 

Standard to tip: There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to tipping in Morocco but people will normally leave a 10% tip in a restaurant if the service has been of a reasonable standard 

Phone country code: If you want to call a Moroccan number, you'll need to use the country calling code +212 or 00212, for example if you want to call this Moroccan number : 0661112233, it will become +212661112233 or 00212661112233.      

Water for drink: To stay on the safe side, drink bottled water and even use it to brush your teeth     

Visas: Before you book your flight and accommodation, you will need to check if a visa is required for visiting Morocco. A valid passport is required. 

Electricity: 220 V / 50 Hz

Duty free allowance: 200g of Tobacco products, 1 bottle of spirit and 1 bottle of wine, 150 ml of perfume & 250 ml of eau de toilette, Gifts to the value of USD $200.

Climate: Morocco offers good weather 12 months of the year but there are different places to visit at different times and this also depends on how you like your weather.
Nov, Dec, Jan & Feb are winter months but offer lovely warm days and cold nights. Generally sunny and bright with temperatures in the high teens during the day and chilly at night.
March, April, May and June are all lovely months with weather warming up more and more. Low to high twenties and warmer nights. Ideal all over the country. Inland, coast and Southern Morocco (Sahara).
July and especially August are HOT months with temperatures inland reaching 46 C but the heat is very dry so not as tiring as humid heat. Perfect beach weather!
September and October are lovely months with the warmth left over form the summer but very comfortable all over the country. 

Main mountains:

Rif (2, 465 m)
Middle Atlas (3,326 m)
High Atlas (4,165 m)
Anti Atlas (2,531 m).

3000 Km of Atlantic Coast and 500 Km of Mediterranean Coast


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