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  • Dining
  • Beach dinner, private setup
  • El Puerto Restaurant
  • Hix Lobby Lounge
  • La Laguna Restaurant

Experience Fairmont Mayakoba's culinary world
Our Chefs delivers a creative yet unforgettable dining experience at Fairmont Mayakoba. From curated menus featuring modern Mexican, Asian and coastal concepts, to seasonal menus with surprisingly bold flavors, guests enjoy fresh and eclectic dining in a world-class resort setting. We invite you to visit us and discover our culinary world!

Inclusive Dining Package

Looking for a premium and unlimited inclusive package? Reserve our exclusive Luxury All Inclusive package, an all encompassing program designed for guests to indulge in all four of the resort’s award-winning culinary outlets— in addition to beach and pool service—on an elevated and unlimited basis.  

 Menu Luxury All Inclusive

Sustainable menus
Fairmont Mayakoba has made a commitment to the environment and to sourcing local, organic and sustainable items. We have partnered with reputable seafood watch organizations, and use them as a guide when choosing the fish to be offered at our restaurants. At The Fairmont Mayakoba, we work with Ocean Leader S.A., which purchases Caribbean lobster (Panulirus argus) from the Punta Allen co-operative, within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. This co-operative applies special techniques to capture the lobster in a sustainable manner, thus being able to maintain and even increase the lobster population in the area. Thanks to this innovative method where young and female lobsters are spared, this kind of fishing is scientifically qualified as sustainable. Through the purchase of sustainable lobster, Fairmont Mayakoba supports the economic development of the local communities within the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and offers its guests the best fish and seafood options in the region.

Additionally, Fairmont Mayakoba ensures that its seafood vendors comply with all legal requirements, by asking them for all pertinent permits and refraining from the purchase of products that are seasonally banned. At Fairmont Mayakoba, we have identified the optimal choices for this region as the Mero (i.e. Grouper), the Huachinango (i.e. Red Snapper) and the Boquinete (i.e. Caribbean Reef Snapper), and proudly serve them in our restaurants. If you are interested in learning more about sustainable seafood choices, please contact our Executive Chef at

Cooking classes

Fairmont Mayakoba offers guests the opportunity to prepare authentically local and Mayakoba exclusive recipes with the guidance of the hotel’s experienced culinary team. Additionally, those who take cooking lessons are invited to take a tour through the hotel’s main kitchen, where they will become familiar with the highest food and beverage standards in the industry. For more information, pricing and reservations please contact us 


Mexican craft beer tasting

Learn about the rich history of beer in Mexico, uncover its secrets, taste unique varieties and learn how to pair craft beer with food. Enjoy a beer tasting and a selection of botanas (Mexican tapas) for a fantastic price! For more information, pricing and reservations please contact us 



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