Montebello Destination

Montebello, a destination to discover

Surrounded by scenic landscapes and enhanced by its rustic charm, local shops and authentic gastronomy, the quaint Montebello village has a lot to offer! We have compiled a list of recommendations and activities to help you experience the area's most popular attractions and hidden treasures.

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Omega Park

Omega Park is the discovery of Canada through nature, fauna, history and the spirit and culture of the 11 First Nations of Québec. Discover a wide array of North American animals in their natural habitat. A world unique experience and memories for life!

Meadow: elk, red deer, white-tailed deer, fallow deer, coyote, red fox, bison or buffalo
Forest: moose, grey moose, black bear, boar, raccoon, squirrel, birds of woodlands
Mountain: alpine ibex, bal headed eagle
Lake: beaver, Canada goose, turtle, duck, great blue heron
Boreal Region: artic wolves, artic fox, musk ox, caribou or reindeer

This car journey is on a 12 kilometers marked path. The total length of this car tour is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. This family tour will enable you to see animals from Quebec as you have never seen them before.

399 Road 323 North, Montebello, Quebec J0V 1L0 | | 819 423 5487

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Geo-Explora Scootrek

Have a blast exploring Montebello on an electric bike or electric scooter! This geo-adventure is a fun activity done on an electric scooter with an attached iPad. Similar to a treasure hunt, you must find points of interest and solve small quizzes, while discovering the region's history. This adventure takes up to 2 hours and is located down the street from our resort.

480 Notre Dame, Montebello, Quebec J0V 1L0 | | 819 598 0952

Cycling Route

Ride along the Ottawa River and discover our beautiful corner of the world through Cycle-O-Route's 87 km cycling route that will reveal gorgeous landscapes and charming communities. Between Thurso and Fassett, discover Plaisance National Park and its different wildlife habitats, the popular village of Papineauville and finally the picturesque atmosphere of Montebello with its many boutiques & cafés, and of course its beautiful castle.

Download Outaouais' official cycling map here.


ChocoMotive, Chocolate & Gift Shop

Visit ChocoMotive, Outaouais' very own chocolate Economuseum. Located in an old train station in the heart of Montebello, this unique chocolate & gift shop offers an assortment of organic and fair-trade chocolates made with local and native products, as well as an array of different items made by local artisans.

502 Notre Dame, Montebello, Quebec J0V 1L0 | 819 423 5737

Les Brasseurs de Montebello, Brewery

Discover this local pub where you will find the best crafted brews. This artisanal microbrewery in the center of the village of Montebello will immerse you in the heart of several unique aromas and attached history. The Kenauk Ale, Jackrabbit and Choco-Bello are some of our favorites! 

485 Notre Dame, Montebello, Quebec J0V 1L0 | 819 309 0807

Fromagerie Montebello, Cheese Shop

The Fromagerie Montebello creates quality products that attract visitors from around the region. Enjoy the flavors of the various artisanal, eco-responsible and unique cheeses of this shop. It sells locally made fresh cheese, cheese curd, cheese strings and fine cheeses. The most popular cheese is La tête à PapineauOther local specialties include fresh bread, homemade pâtés and jams. 

687-A Notre Dame, Montebello, Quebec J0V 1L0 | 819 309 0541

Aux Chantignoles
Aux Chantignoles
To dine in an architectural masterpiece is only one of the reasons why you will be delighted by your experience at Aux Chantignoles. A return to the roots is to be expected – a wooden cabin, family and food.

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