Parc Omega

Parc Omega

Parc Omega is the discovery of Canada through nature, fauna, history and the spirit and culture of the 11 First Nations of Québec. A world unique experience and memories for life! Visit Parc Omega Website.

Discover a wide array of North American animals in their natural habitat:

Meadow: elk, red deer, white-tailed deer, fallow deer, coyote, red fox, bison or buffalo
Forest: moose, grey moose, black bear, boar, raccoon, squirrel, birds of woodlands
Mountain: alpine ibex, bal headed eagle
Lake: beaver, Canada goose, turtle, duck, great blue heron
Boreal Region: artic wolves, artic fox, musk ox, caribou or reindeer

This car journey is on a 12 kilometers marked path where you can feed carrots to the deer. The total length of this car tour is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. This family tour will enable you to see animals from Quebec as you have never seen them before.

Hours of Operations

Daily from from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (last entry at 4:00 pm)

Omega By Night!

From Thursday to Saturday discover the enchanting Omega by Night path, open at night fall. A walking trail of sounds and lights which takes place amongst the wildlife of Parc Omega.


For a one-day ticket, an annual membership of a gift-card, please purchase online.


399 Road 323 North, Montebello, Quebec J0V 1L0


Make sure to check out our Wildlife Discovery Package including overnight accommodation, daily breakfast and an admission per person to Parc Omega. The perfect fall adventure!

Barbecue & Terrace
Barbecue & Terrace
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