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Montebello Catholic Church
819 423 6686

St-Stephens's Parish Hall
400 Alexander, Buckingham
819 986 3985

Buckingham Baptist Church
117 MacLaren St., Buckingham
819 986 3939

8 St-André, St-André-Avellin
819 983 2211

Parish of 'L'Ange Gardien'
255 du Progrès, Masson-Anger
819 986 3381

Parish St-Gregoire-De-Nasaire
150 MacLaren, Buckingham
819 986 3381

Parish St-Jean l'Evangeliste
356 Victoria, Thurso
819 985 2761

Église Evangélique de la Petite-Nation
378 Rang Ste-Julie, St-André-Avellin
819 983 2096

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
131 Gorman, Buckingham
819 986 5502

Jehovah Witness
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah Witnesses
49 Saint-André, St-André-Avellin
819 516 0624

Civil Ceremonies
All Seasons Wedding Ceremonies (English)
Dr. Casey McKibbon
613 821 1106

Le Nouveau Penser (Bilingual)
Jeannine Tremblay
450 689 1070

Pierre Huard
450 625 0124


Weddings performed in the Catholic Church must be done in accordance with the rules and practices of the Catholic Church of Canada.

  • A minimum of six months notice before the wedding is required. Please contact the parish priest as soon as possible - preferably before finalizing other arrangements.
  • The Church you intend to marry in, if it is not the church you attend on a regular basis, will need an authorization letter from your parish priest allowing the church to marry you out of your regular parish.
  • The Church also requires a recent (dated no earlier than six months) baptismal certificate from the church at which your baptism took place.
  • The Church requires couples to engage in a process of marriage preparation. Normally this involves several meetings with the parish priest.
  • In cases where one party is divorced, they may not be remarried in the Catholic Church.
  • There is a fee of $175 CAD for the use of the church, to help defray the costs of upkeep.
  • All ceremonies of the Catholic religion must be performed inside a Catholic Church and not on the grounds of the hotel.

We hope this information will be of help to you in planning your wedding. Should you wish to explore further the possibility of being married at the Catholic Church of Montebello, please call the rectory at  819 423 6686.



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