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Relax and Rejuvenate with a Willow Stream Spa body treatment – geared to revive and replenish your skin through hydrating, exfoliating and polishing expert techniques.


BODY QUENCH  60 minutes Restore – Deep Hydration 

Pure Avocado oil is the secret ingredient to this ultra hydrating wrap and massage also featuring our signature Willow Stream Reviving products.  The refreshing blend of grapefruit,eucalyptus and palmaros is an uplifting combination.   Perfect for dry, flaky skin.


ENERGIZING DETOX  90 minutes Results - Purifying  

Awaken your senses with this invigorating and purifying journey. Experience a stimulating dry brush exfoliation followed by an energizing, deep cleansing salt scrub imbued with organic juniper essential oil to help detoxify and promote circulation.The body is then wrapped with marine algae for an instant nutrient boost along with intensive grounding.  An invigorating body massage completes the treatment for a firmer, more toned appearance.

VAN ACTIVE BODY   90 minutes Results – Vitality 

Begins with an invigorating geranium, pine and ylang-ylang exfoliation, followed by time in a personal steam room, which relaxes you and releases impurities. A detoxifying massage with organic juniper, fennel and lavender oil completes the experience.This stimulating treatment focuses on muscles and joints, building vitality.

WILLOW STREAM ELEMENTS  90 minutes Results - Grounding 

Discover the restorative power of nature’s elements:  earth (mud wrap), air(Aromatherapy), water (rain shower rinse), and fire (warm massage). This centuries old but scientifically beneficial spa experience combines a medicinal Moor mud wrap, rain shower and nutrient rich massage.  Proven effectiveness. Very beneficial for dry or maturing skin.

BRIGHTENING BODY SCRUB  90 minutes Restore - Correcting 

Brighten the body with this relaxing head to toe experience that helps to achieve a uniform skin tone and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation. This multi-active treatment begins with a brightening aromatic bamboo scrub and multi acid body peel and is followed with a relaxing massage with organic juniper oil mixed with a warm firming and hydrating body crème.

PURE ENER-G EXPERIENCE 90minutes Restore - Uplifting 

Restore pure energy as the body is uplifted and refreshed. Through a unique blend of Bergamot, Rose Geranium, Clary Sage and Chamomile and a head-to-toe experience,a sense of renewal envelops body and mind. The experience begins with a revitalizing, remineralizing  body exfoliation. The body is then massaged, moisturized, wrapped and nourished with revitalizing essential oils. Includes a foot experience.

FIRM AND TONE  60 minutes Results - Contouring 

Refine and Firm body contours. A dry brush technique helps to exfoliate, stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase circulation and absorption of tested firming ingredients. A slimming and toning massage is performed using organic ginger oil to help stimulate lipolysis. A Slimming Serum and Multi-Vitamin Firming Crème tone, firm and brighten.

STAY ACTIVE Rx BACK SOOTHER  60 minutes Results – Muscle Soothing 

This experience features highly remineralizing moor mud, applied to the back with a moist heating pad to relieve soreness. Following heat treatment, the back is treated to a pressure-point massage, using organic ginger oil and body cream.Also includes a luxurious foot and scalp massage.

VAN ACTIVE FEET  60 minutes Results – Leg and foot recovery  

A lower-leg and foot treatment for runners, hikers or those constantly on their feet. Begins with an energizing exfoliation, followed by a cooling massage with rosemary, menthol,pine and lavender.

EUCALYPTUS SALT SCRUB 60 minutes Restore - Invigorating 

An exhilarating mineral salt exfoliation is applied in a two-step treatment utilizing salt, rich in mineral and trace elements, mixed with eucalyptus and basil essential oils and followed by a loofah scrub with a mineral-rich shower/bath gel. Stimulates circulation and leaves the skin smooth and soft.

NOURISHING MINERAL WRAP 60 minutes Relieve - Nourishing   

This nourishing wrap is designed to hydrate, soothe and remineralize with organic sunflower and essential minerals.  Simple and effective. Includes head massage and foot massage with an invigorating balm. Recommended after a body scrub.. A perfect choice for dry skin.

CHAMOMILE BODY POLISH  60 minutes Relieve - Smoothing 

A gentle exfoliation with granulated pumice and Chamomile to gently refine and renew the skin. A loofah mitt with Chamomile Bath Gel follows for deep cleansing.  A Chamomile spray and lotion application completes the experience. An excellent option for sensitive skin.


COASTAL MOUNTAIN BODY WRAP   60 minutes Results – Replenish 

Nourish dry skin and release tension with a warm wrap – using maple butter, cocoa and shea butter – and a massage with maple lotion. As soothing to the body as Vancouver’s coastal mountains are to the soul.  

PACIFIC RIM BODY BUFFER   60 minutes Relieve – Soothing    

Buff away impurities and achieve radiant skin with this body polish. Rice bran, jojoba oil and a natural exfoliating Bio-Maple™ compound penetrate, soothe and condition skin, restoring its natural glow. 


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