Downtown Vancouver Massage Therapy at the Willow Stream Spa


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For soothing away the aches and pains, experience an authentic Willow Stream Spa massage treatment such as the relaxation massage, or experience a signature Stay Active treatment - all providing instant and long-term relief through expert techniques.   

Restfulness 60/90 minutes
A tailored, full-body Swedish massage that uses long, smooth, relaxing strokes to increase circulation, assist lymphatic drainage and promote relaxation.

Destination Rejuvenation
For travellers 60/90 minutes
Combat jet lag with this medium-pressure massage, using essential oils selected to regulate sleep, hydrate skin, relieve tension headaches and restore energy depleted through travel.

For mothers-to-be 60/90 minutes
This pampering experience is designed with the safety of mother and child in mind. Eases sore spots and improves mobility.

Stress Relief
Willow Stream signature 60/90 minutes
The ultimate customized, medium-pressure massage, designed for the sole purpose of stress relief. Focuses on all main tension points: head, neck, shoulders, back and feet.

Professional relief 60/90 minutes
This massage, performed by a Registered Massage Therapist, is tailored to your specific needs, from injuries to repetitive use. (Request receipt for insurance at time of booking.)

Sports Massage
Muscle recovery 60 /90 minutes
Enhances muscle recovery—great for post-exercise and relieving daily tension. Deep muscle work, stretching and circulation-enhancing strokes move lactic acid out of the system. 

Stay Active 
Relief Back Soother 60 minutes
This treatment uses a highly remineralizing Moor Mud and infrared heating technology to relieve back soreness. Following Moor Mud application, the back and neck are massaged with Indonesian ginger and plai oil with focused massage and pressure point movements. Concludes with infrared heat penetration and a luxurious foot massage.

Van Active Feet
Leg and foot recovery 60 minutes
A lower leg and foot treatment for runners, hikers or those constantly on their feet. Begins with an energizing exfoliation, followed by a cooling massage with rosemary, menthol, pine and lavender.

Van Active Grind 
Grouse Grind Challenge recovery 60/90 minutes
Recover from either the daily grind or the Grouse Grind challenge. A targeted massage of the lower back, glutes, legs and feet aids in speedy recovery—or helps you prepare for your next challenge.

Stay Active
Relief Massage 90 minutes
This customized medium/deep pressure massage with a unique warm Indonesian Ginger Oil blend will be tailored to the specific areas that the Guest needs relief from their specific muscle or joint pain. A cooling aid may be introduced where there is swelling/inflammation or extra heat where there is stiffness or a combination of both. This will be customized to the Guest’s individual needs.

Van Active Hot Stone
Muscle melt 60/90 minutes
Earth, air, fire and water unite in this therapy. Hand-picked stones warmed in water, combined with aromatic Willow Stream Balance Oil, create a deep heat, while a therapeutic massage melts away stress.



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