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For soothing away the aches and pains, experience an authentic Willow Stream Spa massage treatment such as the relaxation massage, or experience a signature Stay Active treatment - all providing instant and long-term relief through expert techniques.   

RELAXATION-LIGHT PRESSURE   60 minutes / 90 minutes Relieve - Calm 

This light pressure this full body Swedish style massage is tailored to suite your specific needs.  It offers a gentle intensity and is designed to increase circulation, enhance lympathatic drainage and promote relaxation.

STRESS RELIEF – MEDIUM PRESSURE    60 minutes / 90 minutes Restore - DeStress 

This medium pressure massage is customized to focus on areas of most tension including head, neck and shoulders using muscle melting massage oil.  This is a great selection after a stressful day.  

DEEP TISSUE – STRONG PRESSURE   60 minutes / 90 minutes Results - Muscle recovery 

This strong pressure massage enhances muscle recovery targeting areas sore from exercise or tension of daily life.   Deep muscle work, combined with stretching, rocking and circulation enhancing strokes to move lactic acid out of the system.   A mild soreness may result.

STAYACTIVE RX  60 minutes / 90 minutes Results - Deep Relief 

This deeper pressure massage uses a unique warm Indonesian Ginger Oil blend and is tailored to the specific areas requiring relief from tension or muscle or joint pain.   A cooling aid may be introduced where there is swelling/inflammation or extra heat where there is stiffness or a combination of both.   Part of our StayActive program.

WILLOW STREAM STONE MASSAGE   60 minutes / 90 minutes Results - Deep Heat 

This deep massage is tailored using specific techniques to release and relieve deep seated tension. Hot volcanic stones (or basalt river stones)  are used alternatively with healing hands and our  and our signature warmed ener.g oil.    This combination relieves tight muscles and improve muscle mobility while aromatic oil uplifts the senses

THERAPEUTIC   60 minutes / 90 minutes Results - Professional Relief  

This massage, performed by a Registered Massage Therapist, is tailored to your specific needs, from injuries to repetitive use.(Request receipt for insurance at time of booking).


THE ULTIMATE AROMATHERAPY EXPERIENCE   90 minutes Results - Customized 

Starting with a consultation to determine your emotional and physical needs followed by an aroma test to select one of 12 signature oils that best suit you.   All are formulated with natural plant and flower oils with wonderful exotic scents and powerful therapeutic benefits for body and mind.  This is an intense massage ritual drawn from a fusion of eastern and western massage techniques enabling the release of tension held in every part of your body leaving you feeling deeply relaxed, restored and recharged.

DEEP SLEEP   60 minutes Restore - Sleep Surrender 

Induses  a serious state of relaxation for a comforting, peaceful night's sleep. Working on all aspects of physical,mental and emotional stress,  this head to toe massage uses carefully applied pressures and neuromuscular and Swedish techniques to balance the nervous system and ease an over active mind. Deeply sedating essential oils of  rich earthy vetivert, camomile and sandalwood are renowned for intense calming and grounding effects. A must-have treatment insomniacs or jet lag sufferers.

ULTIMATEROSE PREGNANCY MASSAGE AA   60 minutes  Restore - Support   

Feel nurtured and supported in a time of constant change. Choose from oils each safely formulated to be used during pregnancy to nourish and care for expanding skin. A traditional stress relieving aromatherapy pressure point massage for the upper back and shoulders follows.   Legs get special attention to ease the heavy feeling and a full scalp and facial massage follows with your chosen oil relaxes. Enjoy a moment to appreciate the joy of pregnancy and leave behind the stresses of life. 


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