Fairmont Pacific Rim Building Artistry

Art In The City

To fuel an artful passion, Fairmont Pacific Rim invites you to discover the art and artistry of the hotel’s growing international art collection.


Under the direction of owners and developers Westbank and the Peterson Group, the collection is not themed, rather driven by interest and passion. Started in 2010 with the hotel’s opening, the collection underlines a deep commitment to bringing art and artists into all aspects of the hotel’s design and development.


Whether you are captivated by the works that hang on the walls, the ever-changing piece poised prominently above The Lobby Lounge bar, the exterior or touchable pieces, the artistry of Fairmont Pacific Rim is all encompassing, bringing back the traditional union of art and architecture. Explore the public art and details at the property, beginning outside and gradually making your way inside to the works throughout the public areas of the hotel.