Fairmont Pacific Rim TASCHEN Library


The TASCHEN Library is available by appointment with a team of retail experts on-hand to guide guests through the library and find the perfect coffee table book or souvenir to bring home. Founded by Benedikt Taschen in 1980, today TASCHEN is renowned globally. The privately owned publishing house operates 12 branded stores around the world from Beverly Hills, New York, and Miami, to London, Brussels, Paris and Milan. 
Located on the second floor of the hotel, it is one of only two retail locations in Canada completely dedicated to TASCHEN, the publisher of the "most beautiful books on the planet". The new library at Fairmont Pacific Rim offers a full catalogue of TASCHEN titles. Over 275 books will be available, ranging from TASCHEN's affordable artist monographs to their prestigious limited and signed Collector's Editions. Shop TASCHEN online.