Fairmont San Diego Biking


Electric Bikes
Classic meets cool with our Zybra e-bikes.  Glimpse a stately Mule deer darting between trees, and marvel over a waterfall cascading through ancient volcanic rock. Breeze through our beautiful coastal canyon or set out for a two mile ride to Del Mar’s white sandy beach.  The ride doesn’t get any easier than on one of our new electric bicycles.  Explore our sprawling resort grounds. Keep your eyes peeled for the thrilling flora and fauna in our coastal canyon setting, whether it’s a great blue heron poised to take flight or giant California live oaks.

 The e-bikes are available to rent by downloading the Zybra Plus app on a smartphone for those 18 and older. Two bikes can be rented at the same time per phone. It's $20 per hour, per bike from when you start to ride until the bike is docked in its station.  You can ride as fast as 20 miles per hour.  Bikes and helmets are available at the front drive. 

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